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Bob Evans in Ultimate Hall of Fame

Robert Evans elected to Ultimate Hall of Fame

My college captain, Robert Evans, was elected to the Ultimate Hall of Fame in 2009. (see the actual entry)

The writeup was very well done, I thought. If I got a Jeopardy answer, "While having a reputation as a sharp-tongued curmudgeon, this person was, in fact, invariably gracious in victory and humorously sullen in defeat", I think the question "Who is Robert Evans?" would be the immediate reply. (rats, probably only worth $100)

I also have to agree with the following: Evans brought a revolutionary approach: a long game based on his legendary backhand; aggressive athletic play at the deep back position; relentless pressure after turnovers; laying out for the disc; recruitment of athletes; and a profoundly serious, intelligent and analytical approach to the game. As one of his athletes, I would say "encouragement" rather than "recruitment", but there is no quibble about the description of his approach to the game. Nights spent at Colonial Club moving coins around on a table top are where I found Ultimate to be more than just a pleasant break from (unpleasant) classes.

And there is this: "...A fine teacher, Evans’ approach was instilled in his younger teammates and also widely adopted by opponents, spreading virally throughout the Ultimate community, echoing down to the present day. I would like to think that I am still one of those echoes.

I'm very sad to say that Bob suddenly passed away in mid 2017. He was a good friend and someone I truly admired.

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