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Memory Box

For Christmas 2002 we were trying to think what we could get for Mom that she would really like. The house was crowded, and anything she wanted she would get herself.

Andy suggested a "memory box": each of us would write memories on index cards, and put them in a small file for her to peruse. She loved them. Now all of them are available here. Feel free to submit new ones to me, I would be pleased to add to it.

Memory from Andy:
I remember... Challenging *you* (Mom) to a race around the house (on Austin Drive). You accepted the challenge, on the condition that *you* got to make the rules, which would be the same for both contestants.

On the day of the race, you announced that the rules were that each contestant had to CARRY THEIR OPPONENT around the house, and whoever did it in the shortest amount of time would be the winner.

You won, since you carried me, kicking and screaming, around the outside of the house. I was unablle to carry you.

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