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BULLETIN: REUTERS 26 MARCH 1971 (page 2)

March 26, 1971

Page 2

for Phil), you've only one life to live so shype up. Come off that dark shadowy attitude you've been spewing about lytely and tyke on a new love for life around 'ere or tomorrow you may be searching for another world, a world apart from 'ere in which to 'ang yer 'at for the rest of the days of our lives. Get to know where the heart is and which side your crumpets' buttered on or, so 'elp me, as the world turns, by the edge of night, you'll be out of 'ere on your ruddy duff! Withdrawn, ducky luv!" ("She always was a lousy con- versationalist before we bought that damned telly", thought Phillip)

"Sir '0rkie"'. said the Queen, "you and the 'M.L.,U1' really ring my chimes so I'm going to sell my platinum dinner bell collection and arrange for a modest fleet to await your pleasure in Penzance".

"Cor, b1imie!" Orkie breathed. "Don't mention it", magnanimized the Queen. "Sunrise Semester", muttered Prince Phillip.

Sir "0rkie" and his partie departed for the monorail terminal with Gusto and Exhuberance, (the 0ueen's coachmen) .

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