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APE Investment Control (VOOTIE) (page 2)

March 26, 1971

Page 2

The M.L.,U! Society is founded to lift some spirits after a rather unpleasant winter, (1970-1971), and in the face of a difficult but confident spring. The Society is strictly non-profit and self-supporting and due to time and necessary protocol must, unfortunately, be limited to a favoured few. These few, however, are expected to channel the spirit rising value gleaned from the Society to their fellows wherever and whenever possible. (This, we will consider an asset.)

The liabilities of the M.L.,Ul Society are in the hands of and are the responsibility of the stockholders.

Investors are stockholders even though the Vootie Corp. is actually holding the stockholders' stock. You. as an investor are, therefore a stockholdee for the time being.

Other groups under the Vootie banner are:

The Bunker-Ramo Big Deal Corp., Ltd. (See The Big Daddy of Them All Projects)

The Pommonnock Real Estate Corp. (See Future and Past Projects)

The Easton-Young Corp. (a tentative title) (See Future Super Projects)

The AMF Repertory and Motion Picture Corp. of Stamford, Conn. and New Delhi, India (See Oh, Well - Good Try Projects)

The Teleregister Exploratory Co., Ltd. (See Investigatory Projects)

The G.N.H.&A. Society (See Enough 'S Enough Projects)

The Vootie major stockholders are Wm. S. Young (an anthropoid) and Peter D. Spaine ( A F.A.I.L.U.R.E) (Total 99-9/10%)

The executive director of the Vootie Corp. is Wm. S. Young (an anthropoid) who is a violent antinepotist*.

The assistant director is Mr. Peter D. Spaine, (Mr. Young's brother-in-1aw)*

* (The difference between the despising of nepotism and a forceful wife are relative.)'*

** Pun! -- not intended.

If you require any other data, please don't hesitate to write -- we are at your disposal.

Arthur Ised
(a gent)

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