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Orkies' Journal 13 Apr. '71

April 13, 1971

Positive conditions hastened our progress last night so we were elated this morning to spy the Rock of Gibralter. Our Atlantic flagship, the "Sharon Bell", made a gallant effort to chart a new course around the great stone on the left. We'll name a new flagship tomorrow after the mass burial of the "Sharon Bell" crew. A good point in this mishap is that we also lost an annoying blighter who slipped aboard the "Bell" and incessantly would wave a handful of some insurance policies in the face of the helmsman raving about hos owning a piece of the rock - well, it rather seems the rock got a piece of 'im - but this was a *rum go still and the loss may hinder us later on.


* rimgo: according to Webster: "A trip to the liquor store" According to Sir Orkie: "Lunch".

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