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Orkies' Journal 5-5-71 P.M.

May 5, 1971

We have at last reached the mysterious and exotic island port of Zanzibar;fabled city of fortunes and disasters; the city from which Chinese Gorden set out for Khartoum and his last fateful meeting with the Mahdi ("H'I'll stomp down this bloody begger or lose me 'ead in the effort") - the Mahdi was found to have no footprints on him.

Most important to us is the fact that Zanzibar is also the tribal home of the great mushroom shieks and was once the greatest mushroom center in the world. We will now endeavor to gain an audience with the last living human to know the location of the caves where grow the prized ephemera waracatchafrumae frumae - the grim, forbidding, aging, difficult but nice, considering - shiekh: (shudder!) Ibm Heer Befir>


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