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Sheikh Ibn Heer Befir Interview (3)

June 2, 1971

I began to pay closer attention when she told me of the fierce riff outlaw, who is actually the bloodthirsty half-breed, Buck Lee Arrogante, and his half-crazed arch enemy, (some distant past trouble over stolen shoes, no doubt), Bloody Gor V. Dalle, Foreign Legion Colonel.

We will have to pass through the territory over which these two constantly battle.

Besides having to get by these violent people we have now before us the spectre of the dense, impenetrable rain forests of Central Africa and the steaming, burning desert to the north but --- worst of all the guardian of the mushroom cave, the fearsome gigantic cobra, "Sabu" (who also guards a vast golden treasure as cobras seem always wont to do). To subdue this monster we must obtain from Margolies Ben Resident the ancient Pertian "Kith" which is the only thing that will possibly stave it off.

To be sure there will be many hardships between us and the ancient Pertlan temple in the desert (which stands over the forbidden cave entrance).

"Why are you telling me all this, Rake," I asked? From heaven knows where, she whipped out a special Vootie agent I.D. card and told me that she had inflltrated Shiekh Ibn's harem five years before in preparation for this_very expedition. "It must have been quite difficult for you," I ventured. "It has had its compensations," she said. "Like what?!", I pressed.

"What are you? A cop or a mushroom digger? - I'll do my thing, you do yours!"

Knowing that I had her at my mercy, I began to --- but just then El Ektrek popped in, having been searching for me. "Where you bin, Offendi?", he testily fired. "That's Effendi, old boy," I corrected. "That a matter of opinion, Urkie --- let's went!"

"Barbarian-", I murmered --

"Slob--", hissed Rake El --

"Who"?! said E1 Ektrek --

"GET OUT, YET," bellowed the Shiekh, ("Hurka, si -- mushrooms, nem yo," observed Horvath).

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