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Sheikh Ibn Heer Befir Interview (4)

June 2, 1971

With my usual aplomb, I perceived that this was the right time for my usual graceful withdrawal. So, map in hand, Rake El's observations in mind, El Ektrek's hand on my ear, and Ibn's foot firmly lodged in my derriere, I departed from the palace. As I flew past the harem room I heard someone call, "For pityth thake, whath going on out there? How can you expeth a perthon to run a meeting with all that ruckuth?" "These damned unions," moaned Ibn.

As I dis-embedded myself from the wall across the street from the palace gate I couldn't help but find myself eager for the coming adventure in spite of the grim forebodings from the company I had just left.

And so, friends, onward.


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