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Orkies' Journal - 7 June '71

June 7, 1971

Swiftly gathering supplied at Dar-es-salaam we hastened down the east coast of Africa to Utete at the mouth of the muddy Ruaha - Rufiji River. Not wanting to waste any more time we didn't stop at Utete but merely yelled out to our agent on the dock to forward all mail or messages to Rungwa where we would stop to pick up our bearers. As we steamed upriver, one could feel the oppresive heat reaching out to envelop us and with it, a sense of foreboding. With a hard swallow, our boats prodded forward at my command into the steaming reen morass of trees and vines. To the right was one of the last signs of civilization - a real estate sign on a tree which said: "Staat's Estates; 5 million square acres opening soon" (Alfried Staat is a direct descendant of Peter Minuit of the great Manhatten Is. real estate deal. These Dutch are noted for getting into real estate deals very early so I'm sure that anyone dealing here will be in good hands with Al Staat).


Vootie footnote
Orkie still speaks with a heavy cockney accent - we are merely effecting translations.

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