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Orkie's Journal, June 10, 1971

June 10, 1971

June 10, 1971

Arriving at Rungwa, we embarked onto our steamers, some thirty bearers gathered by our falthful and trusty gun bearer, Akimbo. He was Instantly recognlzed by hls tall, handsome figger, his imperlal bearing, hls plercing black eyes and hls tan, double breasted blazer wlth an "A" emblazoned over hls heart.

I was rather embarrassed to realize, however, that he didn't easlly recognize me. As Akimbo was speaklng wlth his spear bearer, Spiro, I gently sldled up along side of them to hear what was being sald. (Splro was speaking: "I say, Aklmbo, which of these blighters do you suppose is Sir Orkie?"

"Rather hard to say Spiro, all these white chaps look alike to me.

"Well," sald Spiro, "I suppose we'd better find out so we'll be assured of getting paid before doing anything and by the way, a request was just received from Vootie Central to provide Urrd wlth a house here at Rungwa as a home base of operations. How about the hut next to yours?"

"Look, Spiro, normally I wouldn't mind who moves in next to me but you know how it is with real estate values and all these days. My hut is worth about 20,000 coconuts as it is and unfurnished at that. If I agreed to Orkie moving in along side, I probably couldn't sell for ten tse-tse flies. You let one move in and there goes the whole neighborhood. How about that tree house up by the escarpment?"

"No, no," said Spiro, "That place is wlthin swinging distance of Tarzan's digs and you know how he is."

"Well," finalized Akimbo, "I guess that just leaves the raised ranch lean-to over in the swamp of the man eating mosquitoes."

"You mean the one across the quicksand from the Peace Corps camp?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's it."

"Hm! Still a little hlgh class but then, we don't want to shake up Vootie so, O.K.")

I couldn't make out their dialect so I decided upon a direct approach: "I say, mboto gwanda atua ephemera ngwandl bwana ugashl!"

"Ass!" They muttered in unison. Recognized at last, I was content.

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