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Orkies' Journal 30 June '71

June 30, 1971

We'd been sometime in the jungle when we came upon a rather dense stand of African dysies. In attepmting to hack them down we found to our dismay, that our machetes were not equal to the task. Leaper A. Cohn, our mushroom expert who had been unconcious on a litter up to this point, crawled over to me and said: "The only wye ye'll cut doon African dysies is with this 'ere afro dysie axe." Handing me the implement, he relapsed once again into a stupor with a great sigh. (as his breath wafted toward one of the dysies it collapsed - this might be simpler yet, though I but I couldn't revive leaper so back to his litter 'e was dragged). With this sexy new tool we easily cut through the dysies and then, as the last one fell, we came upon a strange and unexpected sight - there before us, covered with rotting vines, grey moss and green slime, was a grim, ancient ruined temple, lost in this green hell since time unknown. Cautiously, we approached the crumbling stone opening. All at once, a greasy, scaly creature darted past my feet. I cried, "It's an igura - it's an iguala - it's an irgata - it's a ruddy lizard!" ("Ass" muttered the throng behind me).

Carved in some long-lost cuneiform in a stone over this foreboding threshold was a terse inscription; I called upon our guide, Sir Stanley, to decipher this. After a few monents he turned and said: "It's a terse inscription carved in some long lost cuneiform;" (astute devil, that Sir Stanley). "What does it say," I ventured? "How the 'ell should I know, ye bloody ox." Realizing Sir Stanley was somewhat rusty on 'is archeology, I turned to Akimbo to see if 'e could help. "Certainly," he said. The inscription said: "White Temple of the God of the Forked Tongue and the Vice God of Wind and Thunder". A smaller inscription said: "O ye people, let me say unto ye, this about that". The rest of *this* inscription, while lengthy, was quite garbled. As we entered the great white temple, cautiously, we discovered other inscriptions. One told us that similar temples had been built on the west coast and southeast coast, (of Africa, of course); and one told of a strange tail of how the vice-god of wind and thunder had been slain by a deluge of round white objects, (the most literal translation that Akimbo could manage was that these were similar to the present day golf balls). Now we stood at the opening of a large oval chamber with several figures at the very far end. As night was coming on we went back outside to pitch camp and we planned to explore this chamber the next morning.


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