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Orkies' Journal 1 July '71

July 1, 1971

As the morning broke wet and steamy, we trudged back to the great white temple. We made our way back into the great oval chamber and entered. As we picked our way across the chamber the light from our torches picked up the myriad grotesque shapes all about us. Suddenly we stood in revulsion before the imposing horrible image of the god of the forked tongue. More ghastly still, at its feet, the vice-god of wind and thunder. The area walls teemed with inscriptions most imposing of which was below the od of the F.T. which said, loosely translated, "Make ye no mistake about it, I am indeed ye od of ye forked tongue" - the rest, of course, was garbled. With gods like these it was little wonder that the civilization that built this edifice fell into decay and vanished.

I wanted to tarry for a week for further study but I was reminded by ever faithful Akimbo that our goal was not hollow idols but the great ephemera waracatchafrumae; ("Why don't you stay here and we'll go on", he suggested). Actually, I had to run to catch up with the partybut at the front of the temple I was stopped by a final inscription which was translated to read "It's too bad that thte scribes won't have a god of the forked tongue to kick around anymore;" (poor devil!). Outside the temple, there was no one to be found but on a tree was a note from Akimbo: "Dear Ass, why don't you just go home." Imagine, he's worried about my welfare in this wilderness. Well, I'll show him I'm equal to it, (if I ever find him).


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