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Orkies' Journal 14 June 71

July 14, 1971

Breathlessly I followed after our party, following the baseball cards they left behind as a trail. After several hours I picked up a Hank Aaron and realized I was standing in a lake. This had to be (and was) Lake Gedamovon across which was Tabora and Sigmund's trading post. Quickly I spotted and hailed the lake steamer, "White Eagle", who picked me up and radioed ahead that I was O.K. ("Damn!" came the reply, "we just can't lose that ass"; good old Akimbo, ever concerned). While the "White Eagle" was crossing the lake, we passed the Great Warsaw Falls which feeds the lake and watched the Polish salmon valiantly fighting their way downstream. I felt a strange relationship to these poor beggers - can't explain why. Well, I see the smoke from the Tabora settlement rising and beckoning me so ta-ta for now.


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