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Orkies' Journal 15 July 71

July 15, 1971

Having crossed the lake I arrived at Tabora and was greeted in person by "Wrong Way" Schultz (Sigmund). He told me that he had his local native police round up all of the M.L.,U! expedition members at the instructions of Vootie Central until my arrival - what gratifying faith they have in me; (note: actually, if the expedition had gone and abandoned Orkie, Vootie would then have to take him back).

I learned that Simund still considered himself as part of the Afrika Corps and still had the message from Rommel pinned to his underwear. Freeing my men and reassuming command of the expedition, I began to discuss with Sigmund my next move. I questioned him on how I could find Shiekh Margolies ben Resident. Marggolies is, of course, the last contact we must make prior to the finding of the mushrooms. Only he can verify Ibn Heer Befir's map and clarify some of the more finite problems. Sigmund gave me very complete directions but after each point he ended: "Verstehen Herr Feldmarschall?" After checking, I found that he had directed me back exactly the way we had just come and he thought that I was his former commander. However, inasmuch as Akimbo had an area road map, I questioned Sigmund no further but wrote a message saying "Thanks anyway, Wrong Way old boy", and pinned it to his underwear. I am now starting for the great desert so don't be too concerned if I don't report for a while. Orkie

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