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Orkies' Journal 13 Aug 1971

August 13, 1971

We've finally broken out of that rotten jungle and reached the desert. This morning we found the old temple wherein resides wise Shiekh Margolies ben Resident. We found him deep in thought as was to be expected. The entrance to the thinkery was guarded by Margolies' faithful eunuch, Eustis, who smiled at me alarmingly whilst he stood leaning against his thward. Most fearsome, however, was the shiekh's pet panther, El Snoopo ben Red Baron, who sat opposite the entrance mumbling at me. I was not permitted to enter but spoke from the entrance: "What do you think of the chances of reaching the mushroom cave, Shiekh?" "I'll give it some thought", he answered. "Should I beware of the riff-legionaire tussle going on in the desert?" "Let me think about that one", he replied. "Can you direct me to the mushroom caves?" "I think so." "Do you have the 'kith', that is, the snake charming weapon?" "Stop persecuting me, I can't think!"

Eustis smiled and told me that the 'kith' was a thing to do and not a weapon. Backing away from him I left this thinking place with Margolis wimpering "I can't think, I can't think." As I passed by El Snoopo he mumbled, "Curses on you, Orkie Ass". Ponderingly, we proceeded.


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