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Orkies' Journal 8-19-71

August 19, 1971

We plodded across the blazing sand until we came upon the encampment of the cruel, crude legionaire, ore V. Dalle. We spotted him leaving the camps' library where he was involved in some light reading to improve his somewhat limited mind. (as we know, the Foreign Legion was disbanded some time ago but Dalle, in his fierce hatred for the terrible Riff, Buck Lee Arroante, has not yet informed his troop of the disbanding order, (six Polish lads, two Irishmen and a Harvard Law student).

The continuing war between these two desert types has proceeded thus far with no bloodshed but each has forbidden passage to travelers in their respective sectors of the desert and squeezed between these two sectors is our goal, the Pertian Temple.

Approaching Dalle, I asked if he would let us pass over his turf but he stamped his feet and screamed "non". He turned and leaped upon his horse, his men followed and they rode at top sped across the desert toward Arrogants' camp, who was also rushing towards Dalle. When they had closed to within 100 yards of each other, each began hurling loud obscenities at each other. In about 10 minutes, all rehorsed and returned. "Voila, zat will 'old heem", cackled Dalle. Echoing across the desert from the other camp we heard: "aaasss". Receiving the call, I started on my way toward Arroante certain that he would let us pass.


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