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Orkies' Journal 23, Aug 71

August 23, 1971

We hurried to the encampment of Buck Lee Arrogante and found him reeling under the latest attack of epithets from V. Dalle; I discovered that he hadn't summoned me to his camp at all; au contraire, he aimed his rifle at me and while keeping me so covered, proceeded in an attempt to bore me to death. As he prolixed on I could see past him, in the distance across the gleaming sand. Buck Lee droned onm imparting to us the knowledge of the ages; one by one our men fell motionless upon the sand. "Do something", I pleaded with Akimbo, "before we're all goners." Akimbo stepped forward and parried in a word edgewise at the nattily dressed riff leader: "I know something that you don't," said Akimbo. "Absurd", replied Buck Lee. "Do too", said Akimbo. "Well then, what?" Buck Lee condescended. "Your fly's open!" Akimbo cackled. Buck Lee turned blue and lapsed into an embarrassment coma, burying his head in the sand. Those of us left, fled for our mentalities. But how, how would we ever reach the temple?


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