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Project: Mlukluck

Subject: Preliminary Data as to the authenticity of Orkie's Reports to Stockholders.

In report #11A, Orkie stated that he was in Penzance and was somewhat worried about the Pie Rate situation that existed there. It has come to our attention through reliable sources that at the time Orkie stated that he was in Penzance, all of the Pie Rates were at a pre-lenten ball in Rio.

At the aforementioned time, Orkie just might have been hallucinating from the effects of foreign substances in his blood stream (type or origin unknown to us at this time), we can safely make the previous statement because Sir Orkie was spotted by one of our agents entering a wild grass party being held on Prezance Rd (Penzance Rd is located in the Gleenbrook area and connects to Culloden Rd.) our contact has stated that upon entering the party, Orkie was overheard to say that he was entering the party for a quick spot ot TEA!!!

*Polish Panther Intelligence Network

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