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Project: Mlukluck
Subject: Preliminary Recommendations

Upon reading the preliminary report from PPIN, we have deemed it necessary to issue a listing of alternatives for use in dealing with the officers of the "MLU".

Since Orkie and his pencil pushing stoolie in the goon squad have several years yet to go on their contracts, some of our alternatives are hampered, in other words by signing these boobs to such long contracts you have cramped our style, but then again there may be a strategic advantage in it for us yet.

The alternatives are:

a) Threaten to start a down and out all or nothing proxy fight which we are sure can be won without any problem. Upon taking control of the company, sell Orkie's contract to a one-time destitute but now very prosperous indian mahout, who would only be too happy to pay well for a British house-boy. As for the head of the goon squad, his contract could be sold to a gentleman (to remain nameless) who works in an Engineering Department at a concern located in the Southern part of Stamford, Conn. Who in turn would be happy to pay well for an indentured-go-for-pencil sherpener- and towel-boy

b)Resort to drastic if not entirely legal measures.

* Polish Panther Legal and Enforcement Division.

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