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Orkie's Journal (Entry by Akimbo) 29 Sept. '71

Sept 29, 1971


We strode across the remaining dunes to the old Pertian Temple & as we approached near we all stopped & laid down our packs & sat to rest in the shade of a nearby date tree. I took the liberty of sending a few lads back to blot up the sotted Leaper A. Cohn who lay at the tunnel's end in a mescal stupor. Actually, I was less concerned about Leaper than I was about the vultures that were forming circles over him; had the vultures eaten Leaper, I'm sure that they would have been poisoned & that might upset the balance of nature in this area of the desert.

Now, that idiot, Orkie finally came crawling up on his hands and knees while hysterically panting, laughing & drooling all over the place. When he reached the temple's entrance he pulled himself up & leaned against the crumbling stone arch, gasping. Then, pulling himself to his full height & smoothing back his hair he stepped in front of the entrance & peered into the black opening. He made as if to enter but in his excitement he turned to look back at us, raised his hand, his fingers forming a victory sign, and with that stupid grin of childlike quality he promptly wet his pants & fainted face first into the sand.

I had him thrown on top of Leaper Cohn & threw a blanket over the whole mess for the night, (maybe all the vultures wouldn't be poisoned if .......; No, No - forget it).

Well, I guess that we'll all turn in & check out the temple in the morning; I suppose we'll let Orkie go in first - just in case of ancient boobie traps, (it takes a boobie to set one off, you know).


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