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Orkie's Journal 30 September 1971 (1)

Sept 30, 1971

0rkie's Journal 30 September 1971

After expending every effort to sneak our party through the lands of the Dalle & Arrogante, I was at my wits' end as to how to attain reaching the temple.

All of a sudden I saw, rising from the desert, a small oasis which formed a narrow wedge between the territories of the two combatants. This was the oasis of Vall and there in its' midst was the yawning opening of a natural tunnel, (a hole in the vall, so to say).

I turned to lead my party through this windfall only to find that, led by Leaper Cohn, (having smelled the mushrooms & having snapped out of his comatose state), they were already halfway through so I darted after them.

Toward the tunnels' end I joined our group, gaily beating down poor Leaper who was pawing at the sand like a ruddy beagle in an effort to get to the temple first. It became necessary to break out nine quarts of our medicinal mescal & pour it down his throat to calm down the blighter. As the last bottle drained, Leaper now resembled little more than a wet spot in the sand and there we left him & turned toward the sun to see our goal.

In awe, we slowly trudged through the last few yards of sand toward the ancient Pertian Temple of Ephemera. My excitement now overcame me & I began to run ahead of the others and ----
(At this point, Orkie dropped his journal in the sand and I, Akimbo, picked it up in order to not miss any pertinent descrip- tions. The damn fool is running on his hands and knees now & from the rear he looks like, -- well -- a damned ass -- but then so he does from any angle. I'1l cover the journal entry when we reach the temple but for now I'd best catch up with old Jerk-O before he gets lost).


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