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Orkie's Journal, 25 Jan 72

January 25, 1972

25 Jan 72

If you recall, our group withdrew from the ancient Pertian Temple to construct a ladder which would enable us to descend into the black pit from which emanated the nameless, sinister hissing.

Upon leaving the temple, it was noted that there was inadequate materials on hand to construct the ladder; so a party was sent back across the desert to the jungle to locate some echsekutif trees, which are perfect for carving busts of notable leaders throughout the world because of their great hardness; but are also suitable for making swell ladders.

As luck would have it, just at this time some high muckys at Vootie decided that we had to make a movie of our past accomplishments so all of the ladder party was hi-jacked to assist in the filming. After all the work done and all the time spent, no film was produced. The reason is that Vootie hired a Polish movie company and Irish actors. What with modern dustcovers and developing alcohol, I shall let you visualize for yourself the results.

Anyway, we built the ladder and after great effort carted it back through the jungle, across the desert and into the old temple. We lowered it into the forbidding pit and reeled back at the sound of a loud, long "HISSSS." Orkie fainted again but we revived him and forced him down the ladder. In a shaking voice, he cried up for us to lower him a spotlight, (and some dry trousers)

As the light went on we heard a loud gasp arise from Orkie then his piercing scream. We decided to rush down and at the bottom we saw a ghastly sight -- it was the fearsome, hideous guardian of the caves: "Sabu, The Terrible," a vile viper of massive size.

Quickly, Leaper Cohn charged forward and planted the "Kith" behind the ear of the snake with such vigor that the brute became instantly docile, (except now the blighter continuously followed Leaper about).

Now we yanked Orkie to his feet, (or "ould soggie," as we now called him), and we turned toward the opening to the dark caverns which have captured our imaginations for so long. Quiveringly, we made as if to set our feet into the caves; we thought back over the arduous journey which was now being climaxed by this, our entry into the very chamber of the rare Ephemera Wartacatcha Frumae. Torches in hand, we slowly proceeded as the beads of perspiration rose on our brows and our knees trembled and Orkie --, Oh Damn! He is obnoxious; we'll have to make sure he doesn't walk near the mushrooms.


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