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You Don't Care! I send you all a memo encouraging you to send in your comments to the over-worked but successful mem- bers of your expedition and you send nothing. You don't care, you just don't care!

Don't you realize that after so hard won a victory a period of depression would most certainly follow? Don't you know that these poor devils who have braved the jungle and desert and who have faced the teeth of all vile adversity, for you, mind you, now need to hear from you ?

I don't think you know; I don't think you realize; You Don't Care!

For weeks we've been ensacking the vaunted mushrooms and I'm using all my powers of persuasion to move the men out toward the coast with our prize; working furiously, I am, to fulfill the dreams of all you investors and all that's needed are a few lousy words of encouragement from you to show them that you are at least mildly satisfied and you bloody well Don't Care! (sniff!!)

Well, If you don't care, I don't care.

For those three investors who cared enough to send a little something let me say that I care about you but, as for you other ingrates who don't care let me just say: I Don't Care I don't, I really don't -- Because you don't. When you do care I may not care either.

I may rot here in the desert then you won't have an Orkie to kick around anymore, -- who cares, I don't.


Dear Investor,

If you have no thought for our success, if you have no thought for your money then please think of us poor expeditionaires having to listen this bleating clot hour after hour, day after day. Please write.


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