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Photos: Weihui


In August 2010 we went to Weihui, located in Henan province. The attraction was the family temple built by Xu Shichang, Hua Lin's great grandfather, who was born there.

The temple was worth the trip. Though off the beaten track, it is clean and well maintained. There were some photos which the family had not seen, and the architecture and decorations were interesting. One thing you can see below is the special seal consisting of ears of wheat awarded to Xu Shichang by Yuan Shikai, a motif which shows up in many different places and materials in the construction.

Weihui itself was also worth the trip. Visiting it was like being in a time machine back to the early 1980s. Living in Beijing it is easy to forget that most of China is not like Beijing or Shanghai, rich, modern, and cosmopolitan. In Weihui the life felt like China 20 years ago. People got together to cool off and pass their time in the parks, there were few cars and lots of bicycles, the town shut down for the noon siesta, and everyone was thin.

Morning lessons

Chinese do not like baseball

Previous photo in context

Main street in Weihui

Weihui railway station

The strength at the core of our leadership is the Communist Party

Marxism-Leninism directs our fundamental thoughts

Whatever it is it seems to work

The Xu Shichang Family Temple

Doorway with wheat motif carvings

Stone arch with wheat motif carvings

Panel with wheat motif carvings

Stone carving with wheat motif carvings

Xu Shichang

Poetry, writing, painting: master of all three

Xu Shichang and his daughters

Copy of Xu Shichang's imperial examination

Exhibition hall of Xu Shichang's life

Aaron with tablets

Guardian of the tablets


This might have been the childhood home of Xu Shichang
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