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A Word to the Wise

11 Oct 1968 P.M.

A.P.E. Enterprise Unlimited, U.S.A.
"A Word to the Wise"
Investment Councils Division

SUBJECT: G. N. H. & A. Society Investment
PARTICULAR: Expedition to capture, live, one (1) Abominable snowman.

Dear Sir,

As an A.P.E. adherent, your file has been turned over to our division in order that we might advise you before you invest in the above mentioned venture.

Upon a complete study of all the elements of the G.N.H.&A. proposal, we believe that it would be in your best interest to invest at once, as soon as you have been made aware of exactly how much your share will cost.

It is also in your best interest not to ask any questions of the G.N.H.&A. Society but rather to act on faith alone and let us protect your investment. We are at your disposal.

Very truly yours,

P David Spaine
Executive Counselor

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