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A Word to the Wise

8 Nov 1968

A.P.E. Enterprise Unlimited, U.S.A.
"A Word to the Wise"
Investment Councils Division

SUBJECT: Corporate structure
PARTICULAR: G. N. H. & A. Society
The G. N. H. & A. Society is an offshoot of the W.A.N.H. Society founded in 1956 by the Hon. William S. Young, (an anthropoid).

The projects of the now defunct W.A.N.H Society were calculated to ease the tensions of the engineering help of Remington Rand Univac of South Norwalk, a now near defunct society. The projects generally started on the first working day after Thanksgiving Holiday and lasted until the day prior to the Christmas holiday.

These projects tapered off between 1962 and 1963 and have remained dormant until the beginning of this year when the W.A.N.H. charter was temporarily taken over by the G.N.H.&A. group, a subsidiary of A.P.E. Enterprises, a major organizing and holding group which, in turn is an instrument of the Vootie Corp, founded in 1958. Vootie acquired the W.A.N.H. in late 1958 with the acquisition of Mr. P. David Spaine, an up and coming F.A.I.L.U.R.E.* of the business world.

The W.A.N.H.S. assets are nil, (it being defunct). The G.N.H.&A. assets are nil (it being funct). The A.P.E. Enterprises assets are of shoestring value, (it being not taken seriously). The Vootie Corp. assets are of such staggering proportions as to numb the mind & we therefore wish to spare you the discomfort.

* Free And Independant Lover of Useless and Redundant Episodes

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