by Russell Young

Play tetris on multiple boards simultaneously.

Start playing by clicking "start" at the top of the screen. You can choose the number and size of the boards you want to play by using the sliders on the bottom and then clicking "apply". You can also control whether a preview is given by checking or unchecking the "Show preview" box. When you have configurations you like to play frequently they can be saved, and reloaded when you are next ready to play.

Clicking on a board will select that board and by default send key commands to it. By turning on "hover" for your command set you don't need to click, simply moving the mouse over a board to select it. You can see the commands, as well as choose among different sets and even edit and design your own, by clicking on the "Key assignment" button. Key Assignment lets you custom design a set of command keys and mouse clicks, and maintain a library of different sets.

There are a few different options for making the game more challenging than regular tetris, in addition of course to playing multiple boards. One problem with tetris is that no matter how good you are, eventually you lose. Tetrii is different. If you want a chance to win you can play Random Fill mode. In this variation a number of cells are set randomly before the game starts. If you can clear all the prefilled cells on all the boards then you win. You can adjust the number of rows that are prefilled as well as the percentage within each row that are prefilled to make this as easy or challenging as you want.

A second way to add difficulty is to enable the use of random pieces. By selecting the box labeled "Random pieces" the game will throw in a small number of randomly generated pieces. These will not necessarily fit nicely into the standard plan for a game. If this option is selected you can also control the percentage of time one of these random pieces is chosen, as well as the number of different random pieces provided. Be careful, sometimes these pieces may look like regular pieces but the pivot point is not necessarily where you expect.

High scores for each number of boards is kept on your own browser. Bug reports, praise, and contributions can be sent to tetrii@young-0.com. For years I've used tetrii as kind of an advanced "hello world" program to feel out languages as I've learned them. I've done at least C (X Window), C++, java, python, and elisp in addition to javascript. You can see and get some of these off my main website.

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