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Tetrii (Multiple Tetris)

After finishing "Hello World" in a language, I have frequently written a tetris or tetrii program as an exercise to improve in the language. (tetrii is tetris played simultaneously on multiple boards).
The first one of these I did was to learn X windows. It was a good program - the executable for a single basic board was only about 120 lines, almost all the complexity was in a large, static data structure. Unfortunately, when I left that job (IBM) I took the C code, but forgot to bring the data file, which made the code pretty worthless.

I wrote tetrii in Java a long time ago - Java 1.3. A few things stopped working as Java progressed and so have been disabled, and the graphics aren't quite right. Maybe I will fix it some day. Play it, download it, or look at the code.

Over time I've added a few more. They've all had different features: some could start with some cells already filled in to make it more challenging, some offered randomly generated "pieces" that were unconnected cells, some could have 2 pieces falling simultaneously. Play online with the javascript version, or check it out in python, or if you are an emacs user try the elisp version

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