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Catchall.php: temporary addresses to fight spam

Temporary email addresses

For several years I have been using SpamGourmet pretty happily, and recently decided to forward all my email there, to make it easier and less conspicuous. They ask that you inform them before doing so, so I did, but after a week got no response. So, I decided to write my own.

catchall.php gets installed on your host and you pipe your catchall email through it. Email addresses matching a certain pattern are forwarded, others are silently rejected. If a spammer gets hold of one of the good addresses it can be disabled, making it useless.

This first try is a test to see if the simple one fulfills my needs. If not, there are lots of enhancements I can think of: forwarding only that mail containing a key phrase, spamGourmet-type counting, only forwarding email from certain domains, different encodings...

It is open source, feel free to install it and use it. I'd appreciate being told when anyone does, and in particular if anyone finds any errors - I cannot guarantee all possible headers are handled correctly. Anyway, here it is, for anyone who cares to try it.

This is not the newest version. Unfortunately the project was not a total success. My code worked, but my host has a bug in their mail handler, where when you pipe the catchall account to a script the mail often gets forwarded to other accounts as well - my spam folder went from maybe 7 or 8 a day to 50, all stuff that was getting filtered out properly by catchall.php, but other copies were being sent to my main account. Arvixe admits there is a bug in their code, but since I am probably the only one who has ever used this functionality fixing it is about as low a priority as it can possibly be. So, I had to shut it off :-(

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