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Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine, July 2004

All Publicity is Good

In May the Shanghai Frisbee Team came to Beijing to play the Beijing (expat) team. I had the Beihang (Chinese) team come watch the game, as their first opportunity to see high-caliber ultimate.

Also among the crowd were some reporters from Fitness Magazine, a "Women's health and beauty" magazine. They spoke to several people, but as the senior person there, an expat who could communicate (to one degree or another) with the reporter, and someone not encumbered with game responsibilities, I ended up spending a lot of time with the reporters.

As a result, the article is about disc in Beijing, and a good deal about me. (my apologies to all the second bananas on the Beijing team)

Despite a number of factual errors, it is a pretty good article, and I have had good feedback on it from people at work. In a way I hope it is not too successful - one of the things the reporters got wrong was publishing my home phone number as a contact number for anyone interested in the sport. I thought I gave it to them to contact me if they had any more questions.

By the way, the strange tint to the photos is thanks to my shoddy old IBM scanner, a dog when I got it, and still a dog now.

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