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WAB Graduation 2012

WAB Graduation 2012

Aaron's graduation from WAB was held Saturday June 2, in Beijing at the 700-year-old Confucian Temple, in front of the Hall of Great Achievements. The Confucian Temple is symbolically a great place to hold a ceremony like this, since it is here that for 600 years (from 1300 to 1900) scholars who passed the highest level of the imperial exams were recognized. The ceremony was outstanding: the location was perfect, the weather good but not too hot, and the speeches of reasonable quantity and length.

Enjoy the pictures. I may add more if we get more from someone else. These ones start with pictures Hua Lin took at some pre-graduation activities at school, then follow the graduation ceremony through, and finish at the formal party in the evening. When it concluded the parents returned home, and the students went out to continue their celebration, finishing with the traditional viewing of the flag raising in Tiananmen square the next morning. Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full-sized verson.

Aaron and friends on the school campus

Aaron on campus with one of the mosaics he made

I B Educated

The graduating class at the Great Wall

Before the ceremony

Refreshments were served

The band warming up

Parents waiting for the start

The band again

Drummers opening the program

Students preparing to march in (Aaron in the center)

Soon-to-be graduates climbing the platform

Ready to begin

It has started

Aaron getting his diploma from the principal

Hua Lin, Aaron, and Russell

Aaron and his cousins


More friends

After the ceremony
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