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One of the things I found in my research of hip surgery is that recovery is supposed to be better for people in better shape. Those who suffer through years of pain and inactivity find it more difficult. Fortunately, since I never had any pain and maintained walking and bicycling, I was already in OK shape, but decided for both physical and psychological reasons to spend the month before the operation getting in shape for it. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I did underwater sprints, Monday, Wednesday, Friday lifted weights and used a rowing machine, and Saturday went to frisbee practice. I set goals for number of sprints run and rowing distance, and on the last day of each met them.

As a result over the month I lost 5 pounds and felt in significantly better shape. In addition, after checking with Dr. Brockwell for approval, I took a multivitamin with iron and calcium.

Hua Lin and Aaron decided to come along and spend the end of year holiday in Hong Kong, rather than going back to the US as usual. After some difficulty we managed to get accomodations at the serviced apartments at Matilda International Hospital, where the operation would be held.


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