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At this point the day's program was over, and we expected just to have an hour's drive back to Sainshand. It was not quite that simple, and we got an impromptu demonstration of Gobi culture. Driving around a dune in the middle of nowhere, we suddenly saw 6 Mongolians walking along the road. Our driver instantly stopped and invited them to hop aboard, despite our Jeep van already holding 3 adults and 9 or 10 children. It was a squeeze, but we all fit in, and they rode with us to the outskirts of the city, where they changed to another jeep that was waiting for them. Interestingly, our jeep then would not start - apparently it was out of gas, since they siphoned a liter out of the other jeep to pour into ours, and we then completed the trip to the hotel, the end of a busy day.

A crowded jeep
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