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The "M.L.,U!" Society of North America

The "M.L.,U"!* Society of North America**

is pleased to announce

an expedition

** Or of anywhere else
*** mushrooms

to find, gather and return to America the fabled, rare, extremely palatable, highly valued, exotic, strenth-giving, vigor-imparting and nice EPHEMERA WARACATCHAFRUMAE*** of those hearty old shieks and pashas of Zanzibar which grow ONLY every 20 years and ONLY in the lost, forbidding caves NORTH and WEST of the mysterious and ancient port of Zanzibar in darkest AFRICA.

The gathering of equipment is already in progress and further data is coming in constantly.

Cost of the equipment and the hiring of qualified personnel is rather high, but dare we settls for less than the best? No, my friends, this will be nothing short of a first-class undertaking! Now, it has been allowed the support by investment of a very select few will be requested to help forward this remarkable, scientific, gastronomic and archeologic endeavor. On the basis os ADVANCED, PROVELEGED INFORMATION investors may be certain that minor risk can be expected; but when dealing with the unknown there is always the element of presonal and financial risk involved! For this reason, investors may not purchase more than one share in this venture!

Wait for contact from your AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE.

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