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March 2012: I changed my server host from ICDSoft to Arvixe. It was a difficult decision, and one I made reluctantly. ICDSoft is an amazing, amazing host. They are not expensive, uptime is consistently around 99.96%, but the most amazing thing is their support: they always get a reply within 10 minutes (usually 2), and the reply is knowledgeable and helpful. I cannot say enough in praise of this company.

So why am I switching? I currently have a few sites (greatCR.com), and may want to add a few more. ICDSoft does not allow multiple domain names on a single account, so even with their multiple account discounts, hosting several sites with them is significantly more expensive than a host that will allow a split.

Several months ago I ran across some rave recommendations for Arvixe, and noted that it offered multiple hosting from one account. I checked with ICDSoft to confirm that they still didn't, and very reluctantly decided to switch. Anyone looking for an amazing web server can do no better than ICDSoft.

Arvixe? They seem OK, so far. I have had to spend some time getting my site software to work, but can't really blame them for that, it was mainly different software versions (PHP), and having to fix my htaccess. The only down side I see so far is their support does not compare with ICDSoft. My first ticket was opened at 9:00 pm, and not responded to until I posted on their support forum about it after noon the next day. It took them 18 hours to answer it, and they explained that anything important should be followed up with a chat session or phone call. Not up to ICDSoft's level, but who is? The answer when it came was complete and correct, I will just have to be pushier in the future.

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