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The school really went out of their way to greet us. Thursday they hosted us in the morning, giving us a reception and a performance. They also arranged for us to visit a family at their ger - and hosting 20 people in a ger is not something you do lightly.

In the afternoon we returned to give our own performance, and meet the children. After our children sang, we adjourned to the gym for various contests, and when those finished we played some pickup basketball for a few minutes. Then I pulled out my frisbees and got about 50 people to come outside with me to play frisbee. They were very interested, if not skilled, but there were a few who were really interested in improving. I had brought 3 frisbees with me; 2 I presented to the more serious students.

Saturday they invited us back again, and arranged for each few people to have lunch at a family's house. This was an extraordinary effort because this was not just a normal Saturday for them, it was the weekend of the national math contest, and they were at the same time hosting 800 students from all over the country, some of whom had travelled 2 days to get there.

They loved seeing themselves on digital cameras

Mrs. Fujimoto and Akane singing a Japanese song

Bringing frisbee to the masses

Not-quite-accurate map of the US

Poster in the classroom

One of the competitions
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