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Sihai ride

This is the toughest ride I've done. It is just about 100 miles out and back. The first time I did it I added a couple miles at the end to make it an even 100. The hill from Huanghuacheng to the Yanqing borderis about 15k, all up without a break. It is tough getting up, but a lot of fun coming down. The first time I went to Sihai was a morning trip from Huanghuacheng, when the others weren't up yet. I promised to be back by 9:30, without realizing what the hill was like. I left around 6:30, got to Sihai around 8:15, rested a little, and didn't get back the the top of the mountain until almost 9:00 - but I made the 17k back to Huanghuacheng in plenty of time.

Adding this to the annual Huanghuacheng trip has become kind of a tradition, but I did make one trip out and back in a day, and this year Aaron and I went out to Sihai and back to Huanghuacheng overnight, and the next day headed home from there.

If you have time and energy after getting out this far, there is a section of the Great Wall about 8k past Sihai, turn right at the town and follow the road.

Monument to the chestnuts, which are the local specialty. This is just past Huanghuacheng

Route map: check out the elevation

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This picture and the one to its right form a panorama from the top of the mountain, looking down the way the route comes

Right side of panorama from top of the climb

The highest point marks the boundary between Yanqing and Huairou

Getting set to go back down
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