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After writing my photo organization software and using it to classify and organize some 10,000+ photos, I realized I had a lot of pictures taken in China which might be of interest to more than just me. So in late 2019 I put some together with social commentary in book form, and used it as a Christmas present to friends and family.

I wouldn't say it shook the world up. In fact, it was a perennial leader on the NY Times Worst Seller list. Discounting the 20 or so copies I purchased as gifts, as of last time I checked 2 copies were sold, and no reviews posted. While I don't claim it is earthshattering, I do think it is better than this, and suggest anyone with the slightest curiosity give it a try - it isn't that expensive (and most of it goes to Amazon, believe me I'm not pushing it for mercenary reasons)

print edition
kindle edition

Critical praise for Both Stop and Go* (that might have been written if any critics had reviewed it)

  • “…possibly the best book on China by a Connecticut ultimate frisbee player over 6 feet tall.”
  • “Really communicates the feeling of looking at photographs of China!”
  • “Well! That is a book!”


Essays in Chinese are called "sánwén" (散文), which literally means "scattered writing". That is a good introduction for what I expect will be put here. I suppose the English term might be "blog", but that is such an ugly word. Contents here will be added to randomly with a range of topics (probably more current events than I'd like, since that is the so hard to avoid at this time). Comments can be sent via the email link to the left.

If there isn't enough content here to satisfy you also check out my brother's articles, which he has has been writing since 2004.

7/1/2020: Masked Man

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