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(page 2)

8 Nov 1968

Other groups under the Vootie banner are:

The M.L. , U. (Mushroom Lovers, Unite)
(See: Future and Past Projects)

The Pommormock Real Estate Corp.
(See: Future and Past Projects)

The Easton-Young Corp. (a tentative title) `
(See: Future Super Projects)

The AMF Repertory and Motion Picture Corp. of Stamford, Conn. and New Delhi, India
(See: Oh, well - Good Try Projects)

The Teleregister Exploratory Co. Ltd.
(See: Investigatory Projects)

The Vootie major stockholders are Wm. S. Young (an anthropoid) and Peter D. Spaine (a F.A.I.L.U.R.E.) (Total. 99-9/10%)

The executive director of the Vootie Corp. is Wm. S. Young (an anthropoid) who is a violent antinepotist.*
The assistant director is Mr. Peter D. Spaine, (Mr. Young's brother-in-1aw)*

* (The difference between the despising of nepotism and a forceful wife are relative.)**

** Pun ?-- not intended

If you require any other data, please don't hesitate to write --we are at your disposal. (Requests for further data to be in writing)

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