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Mail aliases

Manage email aliases from the command line

I found out with Arvixe as my host I have limited ssh access, so I finally was able to solve a problem I have had for some time: quickly and easily managing email aliases on my site from a shell command line.

I have wanted to do this for some time. For years I have used SpamGourmet to generate temporary email addresses, but for some correspondents I want to have permanent, custom email addresses from my domain. Formerly to do this I would need to go to my host, log in to CPanel, go the the Manage Aliases page, add an alias, and click confirm - 5 steps, each requiring a page load. Not terribly onerous, but enough so that sometimes I didn't bother making a new address but reused one of my good ones.

With this short php script and shell script for my local host, adding, listing, or deleting aliases is a single web page, or even faster a simple command from my local shell: "ealias.sh -a newalias". Here is the php code for adding aliases, and here is the shell script. Note that various names have been obscured to protect private information.

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