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IC is available under the GNU licence: both the source and class files can be freely downloaded, examined, modified, and redistributed. I do request that anyone using it drop me a note to let me know my time has not been totally wasted (:-), as well as send me any comments suggestions, bugs, or fixes.

I think this language should be of interest to people in several circumstances: those who need a flexible, fast, freely-distributable Java interface language for writing output routines or skins; those doing scripting who are very comfortable writing C code; those interested in seeing a simple but complete implementation of C (almost), with source that can be examined and tweaked; and of course friends who want to make me feel good.

In all modesty I think some things are done rather well. The language is small - less than 100k jar file, last I checked - and some things are done pretty neatly, including the symbol table and function table implementation, parsing,
function implementation, and so on.

Finally, the advertisement is over. You can download the runnable binaries, the source, or the documentation

And here is the photo album application that uses it. It is not quite finished - I ran out of energy for it just as I finished the programming part and needed to design the default web pages generated. But, the basic Java application works, and the IC application that generates the web pages works (works great).

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