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IC, a Java scripting language

IC is a scripting language that allows close interaction with Java objects. It can be used either as a scripting language to perform simple operations, or as an outer layer to a Java application allowing flexible control of the output or the look. It is similar to languages such as Beanshell, Rhino, and Jacl, but offers some features those languages lack (as well as lacking some that they have.) Strengths include small size, expandable, relatively simple source code distribution, and C syntax. Weaknesses include limited primitive data types, no standard Java objects in the distribution (though they are not hard to write for yourself), and no large organization providing support. I will be working on these as I have time, though any assistance would be welcomed.

Here is a short index of topics about IC. You can also download the existing documentation, which will improve steadily as I (or others) have time to work on it.

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